Wetzel Rock
I imagine most people have heard about Wetzel Rock but we had an interesting trek to the Rock in the fall of 1997.
It was October but still warm. A little too warm for perfect trekking but who can complain for October is the best month 0f the year.
Frank grew up in the area and had been to Wetzel Rock many times. He took me there when I was pregnant for our second son some 29 years ago. I knew I could still make the journey but I wasn't sure I remembered how to get there. No need to worry, Frank WOULD SHOW US THE WAY.
We arrived at the farm where the Rock was located and grabbed our gear and headed north. (I think) There were 10 of us.Frank and I,Christie and John Suchora, and Jenny their dog,Troy and Darla Soweres and son Dakoda, Rob Park and Hawk Stephens
Morgan County, Ohio is God's country to me and I'm sure when Lewis passed through he thought so too. I doubt if He really carved the Rock, but someone a long time ago must have thought him deserving. Lewis was supposed to be illiterate and knowing his ABC's was of little importance to him I'm sure.
As we went down the hill towards the Rock Frank headed East. I thought he would meet up with us and was probably going to squirrel hunt and would return soon. Maybe not. We kind of turned west and started walking. It had been a long time since I was there. Almost 30 years and our friend Hawk had been there when the leaves were gone so it looked a whole lot different.
We walked...and walked...and walked. No Wetzel Rock and most of all no Frank. Now I knew we couldn't get lost...Or Could WE? About that time Hawk comes over to me and very quietly asks,"Things look familiar?"I say,"Sure." After all I didn't want to alarm anyone. But they didn't look familiar at all. Where was Frank? I hadn't heard any gun shots and it had been some time since he left us. Did the spirit of Lewis Wetzel take him never to return? I thought it was time to find him. I started yelling .I didn't care if the others new I was lost. I yelled and no answer. I knew we needed to turn around and start back towards the East again. I yelled again. No answer. Just then I thought I heard a faint gun shot, or maybe a voice yelling. Was it Frank? I called again and finally heard his voice answer as we started towards him. When we finally caught site of him he had a big smile on his face and greeted us with, "where ya been?"
We went on to the Rock and spent the rest of the day. Like I said, God's country.
I don't know about you but I think he and Lewis had gone on a short trek and he just decided to come back and
Till next time.............
Keep On Trekking.
Granny Lin