Summer TrekIn February

What a wonderful winter break we had the last weekend in February .I think everyone has a little cabin fever this time of year. But temperatures were in the mid 70's today and I wasn't going to waste it. This is just what the doctor ordered .I told Frank, No work. We are outa here!

We thought we would head down to Blue Rock State Forest to check it out for a future trek .We took our bows for a change today and thought we would try some stump shooting in the woods.

. We looped through some of Morgan County before travelling into Muskingum County. I have lived here for most of my life but Frank was showing me much of the countryside I had never seen.

It was like a mini vacation. A long needed one.

 We parked the truck and picked up the bows and hurried into the woods. The day was perfect. The forest colors of greys, greens and browns were still subdued with its winters blanket not completely gone. Frogs were bursting out their mating songs and the woods was starting to wake up from its winters sleep. The trees had started to pop with new buds. Sunlight beamed down on us as we strolled along the winding pathes. What a great day to be in the woods.

We stopped to try our bows. I hadn't shot for many years except for the little shooting I had done at the Eastern Primitive Rendezvous this past year, so Iwas still trying to figure out how to shoot this primitive stick with no sight .Now see ..... Frank is Welsh, so shooting a bow comes natural for him.

Kind of reminds me when I would ask his mother how she made her famous country fried steak. (God rest her soul) She would just look at me with a kind of puzzled look and say,"I don't know, you just do it. "(A good woman, just a little short of patience)

. So I'm shooting above the target.... below the target......

I can't figure out what to look at or where to look. If this stick had a sight I'm sure I could get closer! Well they say the fun is in the doing not doing the best. Yea right. Frank and I have to be careful we don't watch each other eat or it could turn into a competition.

We must have walked for about 2 hours, taking time to stop and shoot. I wanted to stop and eat some of the food I had been caring in my haversack (A must when I'm on a trek) .We had dried sweet corn, apples and, raisins while we watched a little pond with hundreds of frogs popping up and down, making such a racket with their croaking you could hardly hear yourself think.



We finished our lunch and left the frogs alone in their joyful noise

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking, shooting and just enjoying the wonders of nature.

Ok, Frank can beat me at shooting a bow (for Now) but the day was unbeatable.

I have been refreshed and feel born again for enjoying a summers trek in February.

Well dear friends I know the winter isn't really over, but it was for today, for Frank and me and hopefully for you too.

Until it is really green up,

Keep On Trekking,

Granny Lin