Son's Of Liberty Rendezvous 2001

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Yes I got a new camera so look out.
BE patient for the download it takes quite a while, but it is so neat.

 If you look in the background you can see the target swing.

Where did this year go? It's fall again and it just seems like I got the screens out of storage. Just like the last few years ,every fall we head down to Canter's Cave near Jackson, Ohio and join the folks at the Son's of Liberty Rendezvous.

Most folks came in Friday night so as we pulled in everyone was milling around cooking breakfast. The camp was bigger than ever and people were camped clear out towards the shooting area.
John and Christie and Hawk were there as we pulled in. They finished morning chores and got ready to shoot.

We set up camp and headed to the shooting range. We have such a good time there and love the competition with all our friends young and old alike. I think that is one of the reasons after 30 years in this hobby we still enjoy  it so much .The diversity of the people is amazing. In just one match we had people competing from 12 years of age to over 70. It's great to get a chance to share experiences with all. You even end up learning a thing or two from the young kids and of course always from the older folks. And who knows? Maybe I can teach someone a thing or two once in awhile. I sure hope so anyway.
We shot the rifle match Saturday and the bow ,tomahawk and knife. Sunday we shot the smoothbore match ,bow and tomahawk and knife. We sure are getting into the bow shooting .I guess that's because it is something new for us .  Christie is looking for a good bow so I think I might be in trouble next spring.

I know I've said it many times but the weather was absolutely GREAT. An Indian summer for sure. The evenings were even mild.

We headed home Sunday afternoon still enjoying the beautiful weather.

Frank is on vacation for the next  couple weeks so I think we are going to get Molly off the couch and take her squirrel hunting tomorrow. If we have any luck I will surely let you know. Did I tell you? I have a new camera !!!!

 Take care everyone and as always.........
Keep On Trekking,
Granny Lin