Sons OF Liberty Rendezvous Fall 2000

Ol' Spivey
    Canter's Cave is beautiful in itself, but fall at Canter's Cave is exceptional. This year the colors have hung on and the weather has been warmer than normal..

   Sons Of Liberty held their Rendezvous October 20th ,21st. and 22.

   We ventured that way once more and arrived Saturday morning.

   We camped by Dan and Eli Aubihl .Eli is 7 and what a great kid. He throws the tomahawk and knife and  shoots the bow really well. But it is his eagerness to learn, that is so much fun to watch.  He is fortunate to have Dan for a father because Dan is an artist in his own right .He builds a beautiful muzzleloader and also makes  many other items including jewelry ,tomahawks and more.

   WE kept busy each day ,competing in all the events . Rifle , smoothbore, hawk and knife and bow.

   My son Frank and his girls joined us for the day, and they enjoyed throwing the tomahawk and shooting archery too.

    While we were out and about Saturday we got the chance to meet Ol' Spivey and his friend Herman Sites. Now these guys know their stuff on archery, having trained in the old  Howard Hill method of shooting and bow hunting for many years, these men had tons of knowledge to pass on. I just wish we had more time to spend with them over the weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed shooting with Bill and learning from him and his friends.

   Saturday night we walked around visiting folks and stopped to listened to traditional music. One lady played a harp ,the other a dulcimer.

   The evening cooled down and we had a little fire in the stove. All cozy and warm we slept sound and woke to a beautiful Sunday morning.

   We shot the smoothbore match this day. There was a straw to cut and some small knock down targets, a sucker to hit and some larger bear targets at longer distances. But the clay birds proved to be the most difficult for us.

    Mike , and his son's wanted to shoot archery again so we headed back to the archery range. These guys set up a great range with 3D targets and quite a woods walk. After retrieving a few of my  arrows from the creek we shot our last target in the meadow .

  Afternoon was upon us so we struck camp and headed home. 

    Well Fall is short lived here in Ohio, but I look forward to some snow and sitting by the fire. Then I  will have time to think about the year and remember all the treks ,and the Sons of Liberty Rendezvous.

      Till next year...................

Keep On Trekking,
Granny Lin