To Linda                               June 28 1990

My first birthday verse was June '75
When you became a mere twenty-five!
It's time now for another writing ,I think,
As you approach middle years and
I on the brink
Of old age.

You come to forty on kind,gentle winds,
Of love,good health and success.
I look forward to many more years
Like the ones with which I've been blessed.

Do we grow closer ,O Sweet Child of Mine?
Do we grow wiser and well?
Do we become like grapes on a vine?
Rare vintage,too precious to sell?

Do we grow older with both style and grace?
Do we abound in good will?
The answer,I think , they can see in our face,
Our lives in each other ,they tell.

May time continue to carry you
Softly through a life sweet
And content.
All My Love,