Seneca Run at the Old North west

Pictures of the Old North West 2000


The morning was cool for the end of June. The sky was overcast. A real break

in the weather for an Old North West.

We woke early to ready ourselves for the morning shoot. This morning would be the Seneca run. I had never done a Seneca run .It was also my birthday and I wasn't feeling happy about the age I was turning. Surely no woman MY age would be running the Seneca run. After all I am a grandmother and maybe I should just stay at camp and straighten up and COOK something .Oh well. I like to do something new on my birthday each year , and I know this is not mountain climbing, but it's all I had so... what the heck!

Frank grabbed a light breakfast but I didn't feel like eating . We walked on down to the parking lot to catch a shuttle to the range. It was about 2 miles to the range and yes we could have walked but the ride was pretty nice and I am getting OLD you know.

When we arrived we found out you had to run about 300 yards and shoot 7 targets,with a 15 minute time limit. Plenty of time they tell me. Whew..........I just hope I don't embarrass myself.

Hey I'll give it a try .We stood in line for what seemed like a long time but I'm sure it wasn't. You were called by the color of ribbons you were wearing. This had to do with the timing system they had set up.

Yellow? Any yellow? The color kind of fit me this birthday morning. Yes I'm yellow, I yelled out .To the front of the line. Antique Yellow,I thought! I stepped up. You will go in 30 seconds. I checked the placement of all my loading necessities. Took a deep breath and they said, "GO"....

I took off. Got to the first station and blew out a big breath,.....loaded, and I remembered Fireman saying to the person ahead of me,"You don't need a patch, just spit the ball down the barrel". So I did. That ball seemed awfully loose. I shouldered my weapon...took aim ....and ...missed! time I would use a patch.

I ran for the second station and I felt like I was running on air. I wasn't out of breath or tired or old or nothing. Just RUNNING. Second station. Took a couple deep breaths. Loaded took aim. Yes! I hit the mark.

Grabbed the scorecard and on to the next station. I couldn't even tell you who the score keepers were. I was FOCUSED. I ran in handed my score card to the next person. Loaded and fired. Hit again.

This is FUN. Off I went to the third target. I took a couple strides and as I put my priming horn in my sash I dropped it. This would cost me. Stopped.... turned around and picked it up and took off again. Fourth station. Smaller target. Deep breath ....HIT. I couldn't believe it. I was running the Seneca run AND hitting the targets! I ran on and on! Loading, firing, hitting the mark! I rounded the bend to the last target. There was a group of people at the last station waiting for runners to come in. The sight of all the people snapped me back into reality. I could feel myself slowing down now and breathing heavier. I made it to the last station. It was a large target. You had to shoot twice.

Hit .Hit.

I was thrilled. I had done my first Seneca run with 6 hits, 1 miss and ran it in 8 minutes 27 seconds. I was 20 years old again if only for those 8 minutes I had found the fountain of youth.

What a nice birthday present !!!!!!!

So a bit of advice to all my aging friends. Go ahead and do something you think you are too old to do. You will most likely feel young again, even, if it is for just for 8 minutes. It's worth the effort. Oh , I almost forgot...

Till next time

Keep On Trekking......

Granny Lin