Oakridge Festival

The Oakridge festival started off with some bad storms but everyone seemed to weather them pretty well and it brought in cooler than normal temperatures.

This festival is growing by leaps and bounds and the rendezvous portion is always the most enjoyable for us of course. We had so many games to play this year that it took us all day, and still we didn't make it to some of them. There was a smooth bore match Saturday and Sunday along with Rifle, tomahawk and knife, fire starting, dueling pistols, and archery.


Everyone had a great time shooting. For some of the other participants, a good game of bowl and dice was being held in the native encampment.

After a long day of competition Saturday, 16 of us decided we would go out for Bar-b-Q ribs at a local restaurant. I do believe it was as good as Christina Campbell's in Williamsburg, or so some of the guys were saying.


And finally at the close of the festival we gathered around for the prize winners to be announced. Congratulations to all the competitors!

A fine time and another great weekend at the Oakridge Festival.

Thanks Cheryl and Wayne for all the hard work and to all the people that donated prizes.

Keep On Trekking,

Granny Lin