COHT Ohio Spring Gathering 2001
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     It was the time of year (spring) to get together and renew old friendships and to make new ones. The word had been sent out that all who would like were welcome to come to our station camp for the weekend. We named the camp Landis Station in honor of my brother in-law who lets us use his land for get togethers. ( Thanks Greg) We were to meet in the settlement at a
favored eatery. We extended the waiting period as to be sure not to miss anyone who might come.
     As we were beginning to fill the area, we decided to take some who had arrived on ahead to make room for more.When all arrived that we thought were coming we headed out. It was about 7 miles to the location by wagon and then another 1 half mile by foot.
    As everyone got to the station they seemed pleased at the location and the shelter that Scott, Randy, and myself had put up. As the graybeards went about what has become second place with them to make camp for the night there were allot of questions by some of the new members who were with us for the first time.
   The new lads and lasses being, Susan Brewer and Gary Hollingsworth and Chris Landis. The graybeards were Rob Parks, Jeremiah Kurko & Sadie ,Scott Thornsberry, Todd Roberts and myself Bob Reynolds.
   We got camp set for the night and then got to know the new  people as well as renew old friendships. Rifles were look at.Packs,axes, and knives talked. Shelters were put up and things were made ready for the night. Susan and Gary were not staying the night as to prior duties and Todd was also unable to stay. Susan and Gary had brought some buffalo and bread and some barley and Susan prepared a very good meal for all who wanted to take part. I gotta tell you it was one fine eat. The barley had been prepared in a small dutch oven that she had carried in and the buffalo was cut into small pieces and cooked on the lid of the oven at the same time. Susan would pour the juice off the meat in to the barley which she had already seasoned with some fine spices. The bread and butter were both fresh and it was very good.
  We were going to have a blanket shoot but a couple of the lads were having trouble with there longguns. We did some shooting anyway and once again Rob Parks showed us all how it was done. ( the lad can really shoot).As it turned out the blanket shoot turned into a give away for the new people. A blanket, a shirt, a tobacco box with burning glass,a knife among other things. There were allot of questions ask and a lot of good information given.
  After the ones left that could not stay the camp settled down as the fire was tended and the bedrolls made ready. The companionship and conversation was a heart warming part of the whole thing.
  As we bedded down and on into the night I noticed that one lad was ,and did allot of moving around. As I lay there I remembered how hard it can be for some to adjust to being in the woods and sleeping on the ground in a strange place. As I finally drifted off hearing all the night sounds and happy to be among friends with the same kindred as I. I silently thanked the great creator for it all.
  It was morning and Sadie was barking at something or other. The camp rose and began another day. It was only then that we discovered the the restless lad had been very cold and could not fined a warm spot. We all had a good laugh over that. You see I was using a wool shirt for a pillow and had a extra blanket and Scott had an extra shirt and blanket and I even had left my matchcoat hanging on the outside of the shelter. Chris being new to us and a new member had not said a word but toughed out the night on his own. It was explained to him that me Scott and Randy at times had slept or tried to back to back under everything we could get on us to stay warm. In the future do not be afraid to speak up as everyone I have met while doing this has always been eager to share and help all they can. For this I for one am grateful.

Till next time my friends.

Bob Reynolds