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"Mountain Cur History"

Mt. Curs were the pioneer dogs of the southern Kentucky and Tennessee mountains. It has been said that without Mt. Cur Dogs the pioneers could of never been able to settle in these mountains. Mt. Curs were a necessity for the frontier family. They garded the family against wild animals and other dangers and caught, treed, and holed game for the family's food. Mt. Curs were held in high regard by the pioneers and few were sold out of ones family. It is believed that the Mt. Cur came from Europe along with their owners who came to America seeking new homes. It has been established through family history and research that Spanish Explorers brought the bob-tailed curs to the South. Hernando de Soto brought bob-tail curs to drive the hogs and provide protection against wild animals, while he explored the South and discovered the Mississippi River. Until World War II, the Mt. Cur was still an economic asset to the mountain people. Many of these mountain people bought food, clothes, and other necessities with money from furs cought by their Mt. Curs. Then came the War and the industrial revolution, making jobs available. As more mountain people became factory workers the Mt. Cur became scarce in the late 1940's. However the Ole' mountain men did not forget the Mt. Cur. Four men have been credited with saving the Mt. Cur from extinction, even though most people relize that todays Mt. Curs carrie very little if any of the blood of the old pioneer Mt. Curs. These men are Hugh Stephens of Kentucky, Woody Huntsman of Kentucky, Dewey Ledbetter of Tennessee, and Carl McConnell of Virginia. These men were the founders of the Original Mountain Cur Breeders Association. Controversy over the breed standered caused Hugh Stephen and Carl McConnell to leave the OMCBA and they founded the Stephen Stock Mt. Cur Association ( Registered long- tailed little black dogs). Later the Tennessee Treeing Brindle Association ( Registering any long-tailed brindle dogs), the Kemmer Stock Breeders Assocation (Registering any OMCBA registered dog), and the Mountain View Cur Registry ( Registered only dogs of a certain blood line that were certified tree dogs ), were all formed from Mt. Curs.

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