Trek On Burdett Creek

by Albert Grobe

We met at Sower's farm at  8 am for a little breakfast before getting on the trail. We were on our way to explore Burdett Creek. After following Fish Creek for several miles we had to stop for a wheel on the wagon but were on the trail shortly, as it was quick repair. We unloaded our gear from the wagons, loaded our rifles and started up the trail. After several miles we came to a spot where the  trail crossed the creek. We decided to make our way up the smaller trail that followed the creek on our side instead of crossing the creek. After following the trail for one quarter mile we found ourselves in a small meadow bordering the creek. With lodge poles to our right we decided to move away from the creek and up a small bench forested in small lodge pole pines. After  crossing a deep creek we entered the edge of the trees. Found a nice level spot we set up camp for the night. Having set up camp and had lunch we decided to explore the valley. Following the creek to the N. by N.E . we came to a pond formed with a beaver dam. There was a large pine tree 


on the edge of the pond where the claw marks of a bear were clearly visible in the bark. I had climbed up for a ways and he did not seem to have any further up. After walking up the valley a while more we returned to camp for a short rest in the heat of the day.
In the afternoon we tried our hand at fishing.
Barb caught 1 Marvin caught 4 and myself with the help of Buck....None.
After fishing it was time for dinner. Barb had her mixed vegetables and bean soup ,Marvin corn cakes and I mixed a stew of Jerky and Barley and a corn cake. 
We also cooked the fish as a prelude to our dinner. They were very tasty little fish, cooked over the fire.
After cleaning up and refilling our canteens firewood was cut for the night and the beds were made . Marvin is now cooking deer steaks.
It looks to be a fine evening. After a long day we decided to turn in. I woke several times during the night to rain on the canvas.

June 24 2001
I woke at early light. After the fire was lit I went to the creek for the water to make the coffee. As I sat by the fire the dog alerted me of the presence of a white tail doe making its way past camp. The sky is overcast with a hint of blue showing through the clouds. The creek can be heard in the distance. After a breakfast of corn cakes and bacon or salt pork we packed up camp. Marvin, Barb and I did a little shooting at targets of dead limbs on smaller trees. After shooting ........the packs we slung .......and we headed down the trail and  home.