Memorial Weekend

shoot at Son's of Liberty and Fort Greenville 1999


Memorial weekend brought perfect temperatures and great weather for some day tripping around our home state.

We couldn't decide if we wanted to go to the Son's of Liberty Rendezvous held at Canter's Cave or the Greenville Rendezvous held near Greenville, Ohio so we decided to go to both.

Our good friend Hawk Stevens came over Friday night, and Early Saturday morning we were on the road again and headed for the Son's of Liberty shoot. We arrived there around 9:00 am. They had a great turn out with nearly 100 camps this year.

  The trail match was good, as it is every year. A very nice walk through the woods, shooting at Challenging targets, and a throw of the tomahawk. The tomahawk match was fun also with many people participating. After we shot and threw the tomahawk and knife match ,we walked around and checked out everything. Rose and Jonesy have started a new business. L'il Troll's Weaving Co. They are making and selling hand made baskets now. The baskets are quite nice and look real durable.

I bought a new straw hat from OYO , for the weather started to get warm. After awhile we said our good byes, and headed out for Greenville.

The Greenville area is just filled with history.

Treaty of Greenville1795

A treaty of peace between the United States of America, and the tribes of Indians called the Wyandots, Delawares, Shawanees, Ottawas, Chippewas, Pattawatimas, Miamis, Eel Rivers, Weas, Kickapoos, Piankeshaws, and Kaskaskias.

Greenville, Ohio is not only a very historical area but it is also a beautiful little town, and just south of there you can find the Fort Greenville Muzzle Loaders. We heard they held a primitive shoot over Memorial Day weekend and a very good trail match and tomahawk trail match. The shoot was on a private farm where the club members keep the grounds clean and cut wood for the landowner. The landowners graciously allows them to hold shoots there a few times a year and it is a lovely camping area. One of the nicest camps where we have stayed . Beautiful large walnut and hickory trees with squirrels running through camp like you'd see in a city park. We were really looking forward to seeing some friends and meeting some people we had corresponded with ,but had never met. We arrived after 6:00 P. M., and set up a small wedge . Hawk elected to just take a bedroll.

The Greenville Club has a variety of members, ranging from hard core trekkers to people that just enjoy a weekend out of town and a quiet camp. We met Troy Baker and Gregg Beemer and many other people interested in trekking and history. We sat around camp telling stories and having a great evening. Sunday morning the weather was still beautiful. The weather in Greenville was a tad bit cooler than southern, Ohio and they had been fortunate enough not to have been plagued by the locust.

We fixed a light breakfast and signed up for the shooting. This trail match would be a total of 24 stations. Five pistol shots. Eight tomahawk and knife throws. And the rest rifle shots. Shooting from several positions. They had a rest stop half way through and provided cool drinks and even sandwiches. What a treat!

We finished the shooting match and started to pack camp. The two day shooting excursion was over and it was time to wind our way back to our home in South Eastern , Ohio with many great memories of a most enjoyable weekend. The trail match was one of the best we have ever shot. Thank you members of Son's Of Liberty and Fort Greenville Muzzle Loaders ! Frank and I hope we can make it back next year. I have already put it on the calendar.

Until then,

Keep On Trekking,

Granny Lin