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There were no treks planned for this weekend so we thought it was a good opportunity to take a trip to Marietta,Ohio, and visit some of it's wonderful historical landmarks. Campus Martius Museum is the Ohio Historical Society's interpretive center for the history of settlements and migration in Ohio, spanning the period from1780 to 1970.

The earliest migration of European settlers to what is now Ohio occurred intermittently during the 1700's.However, members of the Ohio Company of associates, seeking to settle the land north west of the Ohio River, formally initiated this process through the establishment of Marietta in 1778. In a very real sense, this began the westward movement of the United States.

Ohio Company settlers built Campus Martius , a civilian fortification, between 1788 and 1791. The Campus Martius Museum, built by the state of Ohio in 1928, occupies the site of the original fortification. The fort served as the seat of territorial government under the Northwest Ordinance from 1788 to 1790 and provided refuge, as needed to Marietta settlers during the Ohio Indian Wars of 1790 to 1794. The name Campus Martius reflects its guardian nature. The term is Latin for "Field of Mars "the site outside the city of Rome where its legions once trained.

The home of General Putnam, superintendent of the Ohio Company of Associates, is the only structure remaining of the original fortification. It occupies the south wing of the museum. On display nearby are many of the tools, furnishings, decorative arts, agricultural implements and other artifacts related to the founding of Marietta and the settlement of the Northwest Territory.


... behind the museum is the Ohio Company Land Office, which was moved to the museum property in 1953.A joint-stock corporation the Ohio Company was created by Revolutionary War veterans from New England as well as other adventurers who sought to establish a new settlement in the "Ohio Country" by pooling the Continental Certificates they had received as pay during the Revolutionary War with silver in present -day southeastern Ohio. The Ohio Company settled and /or resold it for profit.

On April 7,1788, the company's advance party of forty-eight surveyors, carpenters, boat builders, and other artisans arrived at the mouth of the Muskingum River "most heartily congratulating each other on the site if their new country...."the directors of the Ohio Company chose Marietta as the name for the first settlement in name of Queen Marie Antoinette of France.




Marietta ,Ohio







South eastern , Ohio offers many historical sites to visit. If you have the time to spare ,go visit a museum. The time you spend there will be well worth the effort.

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