A tour of Fort Ligonier

To end our June vacation Frank and I came home from the Old North West and decided we would take a day trip to Pennsylvania and visit Fort Ligonier.

I took many pictures and would like to share them with you. As you view the map, portions have been linked which will take you to a picture of that particular place on the map.

Also at the bottom of the page, the words Fort Ligonier, are linked to the Fort site. There you will see driving directions, visiting hours and any other information you might want.

Now sit back and enjoy your tour of Fort Ligonier. Almost like being right there yourself.........Almost.

Oh ...... there are 15 pictures. Some aren't flagged but when you mouse over it, the title will come up. This way you have to hunt to find them all. Just to keep you from being bored.

Hope you enjoy the tour.


Oh Yea.....Keep On Trekking

Tour of Fort Ligonier