The Harvest Moon Rendezvous

We just returned home from a close to home visit to the Harvest Moon Rendezvous.It is held every October at Infirmary Mound Park near Newark ,Ohio.

This year they had over thirty camps even with the rainy weather.We always like their woodswalk and every year it is challenging.Twelve shots this year ,and some of the targets were hard to detect with the overcast sky.

It was fun watching people start a fire in the pouring rain and burn a string in two to set off a trap, but most managed to get the task done.

I look for this rendezvous to increase in attendace every year. It's a sleeper right now but watch out once the word gets out.A nice rendezvous and great people running it.If your in our neck of the woods go check out the

Harvest Moon Rendezvous Around the first part of October.

Keep On Trekking,

Granny Lin


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