Twenty Third Eastern Primitive Rendezvous



The rain poured down as I leaned behind a steep bank sheltering myself under a large Sycamore. I fumbled for my cows knee to protect my lock from the summer shower .Some of the others scurried for rock overhangs . I listened as the rain trickled off the leaves above .The break from the hustle of the busy week was welcomed .Some of the shooters that went before us walked by unaware of my presence. I waited for the rain to stop but it continued to pour .I heard a whistle from the others. It was getting late in the day and we couldn't wait any longer .We regrouped and headed for the trail walk. The flintlocks didnít fail us. Even in the pouring rain the rifles discharged. My eyes burned as the rain washed the salt down my face .Targets that were seen an hour before were now hidden in the fog and shadows of the afternoon rain.

Ten shots and an hour later we were back at camp .We strung lines in the tents and got the stoves burning. I hung our wet close to dry and started wiping down my rifle .The rain continued for the rest of the night . I hoped the rain would cool the hot days for the remainder of the week.

Even for early fall it had been exceptionally warm .

 As the leaves changed to gold and red we enjoyed another Eastern.

Anyone who traveled to the Eastern Primitive Rendezvous this year will surely agree .This year was one of the most beautiful sites the Eastern has ever seen. The turkey and deer were everywhere. We watched as twin fawns grazed among a flock of turkeys .What a site. Almost heaven West Virginia indeed.


The end of the week the weather turned cooler and was delightful.

Congratulations to my shooting buddies for a job well done.

IF the shooting didnít keep us busy enough we tried our hand at archery this year.

The bruises on my arm soon taught me to hold my elbow out of the way.With much advice from many people I finally hit the target.Who says you canít teach an old dog new tricks?

As always it was wonderful seeing all our friends .Another Eastern is over and we can all start planning for the next one. Kudos to the staff for a wonderfully planned event.


I hope everyone has a great winter and remembers to ÖÖ.


Granny Lin

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