Celebrating the 25th
Eastern Primitive Rendezvous
Doddridge County ,West Virginia
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      The West Virginia hills are alive again  and filled with white canvas and the smell of smoke is in the air. Almost heaven for sure.
Our wrinkles seem to disappear as we become young again and celebrate the 25th Eastern Primitive Rendezvous. Many of us have been to all 25 rendezvous and have seen people come and go . It hasn't changed that much. The wonderful enthusiasm of the new folks in their shiny new outfits and eyes full of wonderment as they shop and shoot and plan their winter projects. The veteran rendezvouser visiting with people they only see once a year. Reminising of past events and laughing with their friends. Much the same as the rendezvous of yesteryear.

We set up camp in the same place as we did in '99. Our old gang was there with us. Tom and Sherry, John and Christie, Rob and Hawk and Tom's brother Wally and Joanne joined our group this year. We were fortunate that Brook and Carol were camped there also. Most of us shoot or compete in one form or another and this makes the rendezvous all that much more fun for us.
The weekend was very summer like but Monday brought rain .On Monday in spite of the rain a few of the hardy souls competed anyway. The change from Sunday to Tuesday was like July to October. Tuesday the weather was a little dryer and a little colder. We shot with our match coats on to keep the dampness from  our selves and rifles. The weekly archery Competition was fun and there seems to be more and more interest every year.We ran around trying to do and see everything .We even made it to The Father,Son and Friends concert. It was terrific.

The week went much too quickly and before I knew it, it was time to pack up and head for home and back to the real world. I have a few winter projects planned of my own. The trick will be to actually get one or two done before the next Eastern.
It is so true that the older one gets the faster time goes by. I can still remember my first Eastern as though it was only yesterday.

Well Frank is getting ready for fall bow hunting and I am going to get busy with some quill work projects. Oh yes ..the walnuts are ready to gather and that Hickory King Corn will soon be ready to pick. . So many projects ............
Till next year..................
God Bless America
and as always
Keep On Trekking,
Granny Lin