Deathwind Rendezvous 2001
Baby blue skies, leaves of Crimson, gold and sunset. The Colors, Scents and Sounds of a fall rendezvous sing indeed. The most beautiful time of the year. To enjoy the day and delightful fall weather is a blessing for all.

We arrived just after the rain and the day turned glorious. We said our hello's, looked around and then signed up to shoot the woodswalk. The first target would challenge the shooter by cutting  a match stick in two. Frank and I managed to both hit it and this was a good start to a perfect day. The lighting was just right  for our aging eyes and we could see the targets and the sights well today. Some days our eyes aren't as cooperative .AS we walked on we were confronted with a total of 13 targets . From very small at close range to some nice big gongs at a far distance.  We laughed with old friends as the leaves tumbled on our heads and the left over rain drops fell on our faces. What a grand time to be in the woods. A good time for everyone.

After the shooting match we strolled towards camp soaking up the warm afternoon sun while talking  more with old friends. We watched as a team of horses pulled a wagon as we crossed the field above.
 Back to the camp and more visiting . 

 Finally Frank and I headed for home . He still had time to get to the woods for a late afternoon hunt while I chose to stay home and get that Hickory King corn picked and the corn stalks shocked up for some fall decorations. AS the orange sun was setting behind the reds and yellows of  the Morgan County hills ,I sat in my back yard, looking over the beautiful fall scenery and  waiting for Frank to come home . I tied up the corn for winter storage and reminisced about the wonderful day.

Thanks Deathwind members. See you at the turkey shoot.
As always............
Keep On Trekking,
Granny Lin