Deathwind  Longrifles Rendezvous 2000
Time for the Deathwind Longrifles Rendezvous again. This year the weather cooperated. The weekend of October 14th and 15th brought sunny skies and warm temperatures. There were over 45 camps and 48 shooters Saturday.

The woods walk was challenging and as always, fun to shoot.This year was exceptionally special for me because my brother came in from Wyoming and attended the rendezvous with us. It has been a long time since


Eb and Katherine Beck have been together at a shoot and we gave each other a run for the money.Some people like it nice and quiet when they shoot but when Frank and Les and I shoot together it's harassment all the way.

After the shooting portion we went on to the fire starting


and the tomahawk range.

We then had time to visit in camp. 
Chris Gill 

and Randy Wolfe 
did a great job organizing this rendezvous . Thanks to all the others that put in  their time and effort also.

We couldn't stay long enough to try Nelson's beans

but I..... HEARD..... they were great.

Well another fine Rendezvous for the Deathwind Longrifles.
See ya at the turkey shoot boys!

Hey before you leave, go see what Ol' Eb had to say about comin' home for a visit and the Deathwind Rendezvous.(More Pictures too)
Eb goes ter Ohio

Till then...........

Granny Lin


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