The Cumberland Gap
through the eyes of the PAST

I wish I could see it ..........through thier eyes it was.........In the days of Daniel Boone.....if only for a moment.

People that love history can not help wish they could have seen this country as the pioneers saw it .We look at our historic landmarks and try to vision it the way it was...... then. We all want a time machine to carry us back for just a glimpse, if only for a moment.

It was the end of June and another birthday was upon me. This year Frank  thought we finally needed to see the Cumberland Gap. We lived close to Kentucky all our lives and have been to most parts , but never to the historical regions from Maysville down to the Cumberland Gap. It was time we did.
The history of this region is full and rich. The pioneers doorway to the west.

Dr. Thomas Walker discovered the gap in 1750 while seeking the fabled land to the west, the "Kentucke" of Indian lore. Then in 1769 Daniel Boone passed through the gap with a hunting party. Again in 1775 he blazed the Wilderness Road. From 1775 to 1796 the gap was just a horse path with over 200,000 people making their way by foot or horse through the gap into Kentucky and beyond.

A restoration project now underway is the Wilderness Road and Cumberland Gap being returned to its original 1700's appearance. While we visited there we saw the project underway and it is expected to be completed by next year.

Maybe on my next birthday we can take a trek through the Cumberland Gap , and then maybe we will be able to see the Gateway to the West ................... Through the eyes of the past.
Till then................
Keep On Trekking,
Granny Lin