CopperCup Classic 2010


Blue Eyes retains his title.


Steve “Blue eyes” Pickens wins the CopperCup Classic once again .Shooting with expert marksmanship to hold onto the title “Best shot” this year in the “CopperCup Classic Invitational“. Dropping Only 1 target in both the smoothbore match and one target in the rifle match he secured and held onto first place. GREAT shooting Steve! Or should we say “Peek a Blue”! You are the man !!!

Following a close second was Captain Rob with a total score of 25.This guy is not only good looking but can hold his own among the best marksmen. Thanks again Rob for organizing the shoot.

Next in line was Joe “Kept man” Cramer also with a total of 25 . Joe is an inspiration to all for his tenacity and drive. Good shooting Joe.

This year the scores were close with Hawk ,Frank ,and Retired “Forest Gump”John following with a 24.Run John Run !Again fine shooting boys.

We welcome Dave into the fold of our group.Dave shot a 22 with a borrowed smoothbore.Why do you always get beat when you loan someone your gun.?Good job Dave.Hope we see you a lot in the future.Great having you in our camp.

Christie and Granny followed with a 21 and Tony close behind.We were happy to have Tony shoot with us this year.When Tony gets that smoothbore cooperating we better lookout next year.

Special honorable mention goes to “SQUIRREL”Sowers for keeping us laughing even if he could only be there a couple days.




Thanks to the South camp for fine music ,drink and laughter,.Once again they showed their prowess at throwing edged weapons.You guys ROCK !


The Blackhand feast was better than ever.One thing is for sure ,we sure can cook……and eat.

As I get older I hold these gatherings very close to my heart.Wonderful seeing all my friends this year and look forward to many more.

Winter well and hope to see you all soon.



Keep on trekking……..

Granny Lin



Once again we liked to thank our sponsor


Datsa some fina Pizza !