Copper Cup Classic 2011




Wet, muddy, hot, Carrsville Virginia. More like a stay on the reality show “Survivor“. Surviving this years Eastern was a challenge in itself ,but the shooting is one of the reasons we come to the Eastern so shoot we must !!!!!

After 12 hours of driving, a flat tire on Troy’s trailer and everyone getting separated in the heavy rain on the freeway, we arrived late Friday afternoon at the gate and were told no one could enter because it was too muddy. We all turned around and headed back into Franklin to find a motel room.

After two days camping at the Motel 8 we finally made it into camp and were told we had to camp in the modern parking .That was fine. We made it in.

Mud, fleas,spiders,crickets,flies and more insects, heat, snakes, and stink. As Sherry said this EPR was the Eastern peacock poop rendezvous.

John and Christie,Rob,Tony,Dave,Troy ,Hawk,Steve,and Frank and I were camped on one end of the camp .Tom,Sherry,Wally Joann .Joe and Barb and Deb and Jim, clear on the opposite end of the camp. With nothing but mud in the middle.


Captain Rob said this year the Copper Cup would consist of the rifle woodswalk and the smoothbore woods walk. Joe would be the only “J” competing this year as the weather kept the others from attending.

The targets were all “hittable” and we knew the tie breakers would decide the winner. We all shot well with the rifles so the smoothbores would tell the tale.

We all marched through the trail shooting one by one, posting tie breaker targets at the end. But as Blue walked up to post his target he was taken back by the site of a large snake looking at him.

YES a nice fat copperhead was sunning himself right by the target board. After he posed for a few pictures he went on his merry way.

We pulled our tiebreaker targets, gave Rob our scores and Captain Rob would tell us who would be this years winner of the “COPPER CUP” Classic.

The prizes were really nice this year. Hand made trunks, custom knives, crafted copperware, quillwork, linen shirt, powder horn and more. Even last place would be a great prize.


Rob announced the winners as follows.

Three people shot a perfect score of 60 and the tie breaker would place the first three.


1. Captain Rob would take FIRST with a beautiful center shot tie breaker .Congrats goes to Rob .He is a fine leader and a man of integrity.


2. Joe”Kept man “Cramer would take a proud second place .Showing the “J” boys he did his part to keep their good name high on the list .Great shooting Joe!

3. Granny Lin….yes ol’ Granny would place third .Also with 60 points .Must have had the new specks on that day!!!


And closely following



4. Frank

5. Hawk

6. Christie

7. Steve


8. Troy



10. Lee



11. Dave

12. Tony

Like John said,” If you only drop 3 points you drop down to 9th place .That’s some tough shooting!!

Great shooting everyone!

Even with all the mud and heat and stench I would rather spend a week with you than anywhere else. Well while I will give that some second thoughts I will get my winter projects ready. I hope you all Winter Well

See you all next year!!



We once again would like to thanks our sponsor.

Mamma Pizza ,Pizza and Pasta


Datsa some fina Pizza !


And welcome a new sponsor

Granny Lin’s apple pie. The finest moonshine north of the Virginia Border.

Also a special thanks goes out to Tony for help with all the pictures .Thanks Tony !