Short Trek To Canter's Cave

It was in the fall of the year .We were to meet at Canter's Cave near Jackson ,Ohio for a rendezvous held by The Son's of Liberty.This was a new camp area for their club so most of us had never been there before. The weather was near perfect, and the leaves were just reaching the peak of color. Canter's Cave is located in the beautiful Southern Ohio hills with much history to add to it's interest .It is said that in the 20's remains of prehistoric natives and even rifle parts were discovered in some of the nearby caves.We decided after we shot the woodswalk, we would take a short trek and explore some of the area. We eagerly grouped and headed for the trail match. It was challenging and quite enjoyable.13 shots at different size targets at different distances and a throw of the tomahawk. After finishing the match we figured we'd catch a quick lunch and head for the caves. The only directions we had to the cave area was " I think they're back there some where." That was good enough so we took off.
As we climbed up the leaf-covered path the scenery got prettier. The paths curled their way along a sandy steep trail. The scenery just kept getting better end better.The hemlocks looked like green lace flowing over the hill sides .We found some nice overhangs, explored them, and came on back to camp. We talked with some of the others and found out we had taken the first trail but the second trail was the best so we opted not to shoot Sunday but would take another trek. This trail would lead us to Canter's Cave. The evening brought some cool temperatures so we were up fairly early and after some bacon and coffee thought we better get moving. This time we took the second trail and in just a few minutes time had swallowed us all and we were in the 1750 's somewhere in the middle of unsettled territory. The beauty was breathtaking.We walked and climbed and thought we surely must have all died the night before and this was indeed what heaven really looked like.We found Canter's Cave, and Black Water Falls, and still have trails we've yet to travel. This is indeed a grand place for  a short trek ,or if one can arrange it , a long one.We are going back in a few weeks .I suggest you do the same.

Keep On Trekking!!
Granny Lin