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It seems like it was just a few weeks ago we visited Caesar's Creek Pioneer Village to attend the Fair On Caesar's Creek for the first time, but a year has past and it's time for the fair again and the Eastern Gathering of the Coalition of Historical Trekkers.

Like I promised last year, we stayed the weekend. Getting a chance to relax and get away was refreshing to say the least. (Don't we look refreshed)? (Sure we do)

Molly was with us

and she was in doggy heaven. She sure loved all the petting and attention everyone gave her.

We enjoyed cool weather Saturday, which gave us all a chance to wear the warm clothing we seldom get a chance to wear.

The fair seems to be getting bigger every year. This year there were many traders in attendance and animals for the kids to pet too.


The annual meeting of the Coalition of Historical Trekkers was held Saturday morning .We finally got to put a face with some of the names.

The highlight of the weekend was meeting everyone.

What a great group of folks! We sure are looking forward to treks and gatherings in the future.

The Ohio Chapter

seemed to be enjoying their stay at the Fair. I get a feeling they enjoy every place they attend.

A special thanks to sponsors Donlyn Myers and Dave Weir (Smoke and Fire) and Rick Duvelius

for all the work you put into making the event a success.

And if Good Lord Willin'We will be there again next year.

Well it's fishing season and Frank has some new hand forged hooks he is itching to try out. So for now we are

Gone fishin!

Till next time.........

Keep On Trekking

Granny Lin

Click here For more information on Caesar's Creek Pioneer Village

Or The Coalition of Historical Trekkers