Caesar's Creek Pioneer Village

Fair on Caesar's Creek

May 15 and 16th 1999


Rick Rhodes and Colleen Wegley at their home at the Caesar's Creek pioneer Village


When settlers first arrived in the Caesar's Creek region 200 years ago, they cleared the land and built cabins and homes. Many of these log homes were moved and reconstructed and restored to their original appearance in a setting typical of an early pioneer settlement. This beautiful village is now host to the Annual Fair on Caesar's Creek.

When we arrived the village was busy with activity. People were hurrying about getting ready for the day's schedule. There were merchants getting ready to sell their wares, old friends visiting, new friends meeting. There was entertainment, food, and people demonstrating period skills such as weaving. You could get anything from hand woven blankets,to teas,or buttons . Artist were displaying and selling their works. Quillwork, paintings, powderhorns and much more. You saw natives,

colonials, military men and longhunters.

Young people, and old people. The village had indeed come alive with activity.

We walked around seeing many friends and looking at everything. The restored cabins are truly beautiful.

We are planning on going back next year and staying the weekend. It is worth the time to go for the day. And if you want an enjoyable weekend I would recommend a stay at the Fair on Caesar's Creek.

Keep On Trekking

Granny Lin