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P.A. Reinhart Muzzle Loading Club


The bean shoot, held near Butler, Ohio, was bigger and better than ever. I saw at least 80 registered shooters, many camps and more trade merchants than before.

We thought the shooting was exceptional this year. The woods walk included a timed 3 shot event, and over 20 shots in the woods.

The smooth bore match was shot on the shooting range. This also included a 3 shot timed match, and 2 birds, and many gongs at various distances. One shot off cross-sticks looked to be 100yards.

We didn't have time for the tomahawk and knife matches but it looked as though participants were having a good time.

The beans were served Saturday night and after that they had the yearly BEAN shoot. I always miss that but I have got to stay next year and watch. I am told they hang a lima bean from a string and the first to hit it wins the prize.

Butch Ebersol took time out to show us how to fletch arrows. Thanks Butch.


Good to see everyone and congrats again to all the participants. Thanks to all the people who work so hard putting on this fine shoot.


See you again next year.

Till then............

Keep On Trekking,

Granny Lin


Movie and pictures compliments of Doug Elson