Morgan County Rendezvous

Morgan County Rendezvous

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Have a look at the news clip taken at the Gnar from WOUB!
The Morgan County Rendezvous was a great success. All the work that Mike and Pat and all their wonderful staff put into this event surely paid off. The site was beautiful and the wood, water, and toilets were supreme.
The staff kept everyone busy with games, shooting, tomahawk matches and archery .The weather cooperated and even though there were a few hot days the rain waited mostly till the evening.
Frank and I want to thank all the fine folks who put so much effort into putting on such a fine event and I hear there might be plans for an annual event here.
If you didn’t make it down this year, and Mike has it again next year, you surely better pencil it in on your calendar. It is by far one of the best events we have ever been to.
Oh I almost forgot……if you wanted to just relax, try the fishing.
Keep On trekking, Granny Lin

What a catch !