Copper Cup Classic 2012

The “Come From Behind Kid” takes the Copper Cup!


This year’s Eastern was a closer drive for most of us which believe me gave me no reason to complain .My oldest son Frank was also coming in on Monday which made me one happy Momma .His last rendezvous was about 10 years ago and he had missed the rendezvous family since he had been living in Alaska.

 We pulled in Friday morning and just like a flock of geese ,or some say, a pack of wolves, all of the Black Hand Clan pulled into the gate road at the same time .So great to see all the friends you only see a couple of times a year. We all drove in and set up camp in a small field close to the range.


The weather was pretty good this year except for a few cold nights and a rainy day that did happen to create some flooding for some of the camps. Seems like no matter how hard you plan Mother Nature has her own plans.

We were anxious to find out what the shooting schedule would be for the Copper Cup Classic this year .Rob told us it would be Rifle on Tuesday and smoothbore on Wednesday.


We all get up bright and early Tuesday morning to get the rifles ready for the match. It just so happened that Frank was putting in a new flint, snapped his trigger and breaks the frizzen screw .Not a good sign for Frank. He switches to smoothbore that day and with the help of his friends they get his lock fixed and he is back in business for Wednesday.

The shooting was very challenging this year .The “J crew” was in charge of the range and they made the matches fun .The distances varied and the targets did also .Big to small ,far to close .There were 13 shots on both matches and if you got over 10 each day you did well in my opinion.

We had 13 competitors this year .We were glad to have Joe Cramer and Jerry Newman compete .They always give us a run for the money .Hopefully next year more the J Crew can join us.

This year Dave Ohl came from behind the pack to pass everyone and push his way to victory .Only last year Dave had finished  almost last ,now to soar to the top and finishing first this year with a score of 19 was amazing .All that practice did pay off Dave !!!

Everyone gave it their all and some fared better than others.

To the people that didn’t win ,everyone received a terrific prize .All the people take great pride in the prize they lay down .I do believe that is more important to them than the prize they pick up .Many were hand made by the participant. Powder Horns to quillwork.Handmade trunks and silk shirts .Hand throw pottery and copper ware .All lovely prizes .To everyone who participated, you are all winners!!!!!!

A BIG THANKYOU TO” J DAVE” BRUTZER FOR MAKING AND DONATING A BEAUTIFUL COPPER CUP ROVING TROPHY!! His copper work is amazing! Thanks so much Dave!! We will treasure it for many years to come!

The winners are as follows.

1 .Dave Ohl with a score of 19 (What a great shooter you have become!)

2. Christie Suchora with a score of 18 (you rock girl!)


3. Hawk with a score of 17. (Great shooting Hawk!)

4. Steve “Blue Eyes” Pickens .Hey BLUE!!!(Good shooting.)

5. Jerry Newman also with a score of 17. (Good job Jerry!)


6. Troy, “Squirrel”, Sowers .with a score of 16. (Hurrah Troy!)

7. Rob “Captain” Park with a score of 16. (Good job Rob!)

8. Joe Cramer .With a score of 15. (Yea Joe!)


9. Frank”the guy with the dog” Pritchard also with a 15. (Yea Frank)

And closely behind

10. John, “Bubba Pup” Suchora. (Yea John)

11. Linda ‘Granny Lin” Pritchard

12. Dakoda Sowers. “Good job Dakoda

13. Tony “Fix the coffee” Chase. “Good Job Tony!!”

Another year has come and gone .We don’t see our friends nearly as often as we should .The days seem to flip by like a person flipping through a magazine.I guess that can be a good thing because before we know it, it will be springtime .Time to renew old friendships and get back out to the rendezvous once again.

But for now, winter projects await and hunting season is upon us.